The "Fritz" pedal by Sonicake is a tube amp modeler with built-in cab simulation, all packed in a pedal board friendly package. This pedal features 5 classic tube amp models, which get you anything from dynamic cleans to sweet overdrives. The cabinet simulations are paired with each specific tube amp models, and can be turned off/on with the press of a button. In addition to the 5 amp models, you also have level, drive, bass, mid, and treble controls.

The amp models in FRITZ are as follows:
1. Tweed Grande
Based on an American-style, vintage-voicing amplifier with a tweed covering and a 4x10 cabinet, which is originally introduced to the world as a bass amplifier.
2. Tweed Luxe
Based on an American-style, vintage-sounding amplifier with a rich, juicy, and luscious overdrive tone coming from a 12 inch alnico speaker, which is employed by millions of artists and producers.
3. Plexi 101
Based on a British-style, retro-sounding amplifier, with an organic and creamy crunch tone, paired with a 4x12 cabinet, which basically inspired the burst of rock n’ roll music.
4. The 800
Based on a British-style, crunchy lead amplifier, with a relatively aggressive & saturated lead tone coming out of a 4x12 cab, which dominated the entire rock n’ roll sound of 80’s.
5. Brit Breakers
Based on a British-style, vintage-sounding blues rock amplifier combo, with a warm, fat, and dynamic tonal characteristic, which is heavily relied on the nature of a duo of 12-inch alnico speakers.

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Blackbird Vintage Music - Orlando, FL

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