Sonor 5pc Ascent Studio Drum Set- Natural Gloss


The SONOR Ascent series marks the revival of the famous Beech shell construction that has been a trademark of SONOR throughout the decades.

What we think:

The Ascent Beech is the big return of the beech shell for Sonor. These have nine ply toms and snare and seven ply bass drums. Sizes are more standard and there are no short toms and longer bass drums. The snares come with die cast hoop

Manufacturer Description:

The Sonor Ascent Studio Set is a drumset with professional ambitions and has shells made of beech. The beech shells of the drums produce a strong and clean sound and with its classy high-gloss finish the Sonor Ascent Studio Set is an eyecatcher on stage. The bass drum has seven plies, but the Snare and Toms are made of nine plies therewith you can get the best sound perforemance of every drum. The bass drum-claws are provided with rubber inlays and assure for the safety of the woodhoops and according to this for tuning stability. Thanks to the Memory Locks of the bass drum legs the bass drum is easy to set-up. The bass drum of the Sonor Ascent Studio Set has no brackets so it offers maximum resonance.

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