Sonor 5pc Essential Force Stage 2 Drumset-Natural Birch


The SONOR Essential Force Series is designed for advanced drummers not willing to sacrifice their musical freedom. Five preconfigured sets and 15 individual components offer unlimited possibilities for a drummer’s individual configuration.

Manufacturer Description:


SONOR Essential Force Sounds -The 6-layer birchwood shells are a superb foundation for SONOR Essential Force Sets. A hefty and dynamic sound – with accentuated mid-ranges and highs, and defined lows are the hallmark of these shells. With high-gloss-lacquered natural wood surfaces, SONOR’s Essential Force really steals the show.


  • Essential Force Stage 2 - 22x17.5 bass, 10x8 tom, 12x9 tom, 14x14 floor tom, 14x5.5 snare, DTH275 Double Tom Holder, 200 Series Hardware Set

200 Series Hardware Pack:

  • HH274 Hi-hat Stand
  • SS277 Snare Stand
  • MBS273 Mini Boom Stand
  • SP473 Bass Drum Pedal (Single)

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