Sonor Perfect Balance Bass Drum Pedal by Jojo Mayer


Ground Breaking Pedal designed by Jojo Mayer !

Manufacturer Description:

Jojo Mayer designed this pedal after years of research and experimenting with pedals of all types, taking elements of each to create the “Perfect Balance Pedal”.

After collaborating on the design with engineers from Sonor, he was able to create a truly unique and perfectly balanced pedal that can be used for many different styles and techniques.

This pedal has been designed to basically disappear underneath the foot and become an extension of the player’s creativity, while affording the player the ability to execute techniques not previously attainable. In addition to the perfectly balanced feel of this pedal, there are fine tuning adjustments that the player can make to increase response and get it dialed in for each individual player’s approach. The Perfect Balance pedal also features a very unique folding mechanism that makes set-up and break-down a breeze.

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