Sonor Mikkey Dee Signature Snare Drum


A thunderous and generously proportioned signature snare drum for the heaviest of rock and metal backbeats.

What we think:

 This snare drum was designed to the specifications of Motorhead's drummer, Mikkey Dee. With a depth of 7.25" and 6 plies of 7.2mm birch, this drum contains the ability to blast through the heaviest of metals. Thick 2.3mm power hoops can withstand normally damaging rim shots - don't be afraid to smack this drum. A Motorhead-inspired finish completes the visual design of the drums, predominantly featuring the 'Ace of Spades' and 'War-Pig'.


Manufacturer Description:

The Mikkey Dee Signature Snare Drum from Sonor produces penetrating beats for the loudest of bands. Best known as the Drum-Powerhouse for Rock‘n Roll‘s loudest live-band: Motörhead, Mikkey Dee has been part of the Sonor family of artists for more than 30 years. After filling the drum throne for artists such as King Diamond & Dokken and having appeared on numerous recordings, Mikkey joined Motörhead in the early 90’s. His style, both unique and powerful is recognized as the key ingredient to Motörhead’s thunderous sound.

This 14" x 7.25" Snare Drum features Mikkey’s favorite shell construction, a 6-ply Birch shell. A shell that is known for its wide tuning range, powerful mids and highs, and well balanced low end. Thrilling artwork by Motörhead’s album designer Mark Devito features some of Rock’s most popular icons and perfects the latest addition to Sonor’s growing Signature Snare Drum line.

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