Sonor 7x13 Black Mamba Maple Snare Drum-Natural


The Sonor Black Mamba 13x7 Snare drum produces a clear tone with it’s 7” depth and plenty of definition you would expect from a 13” snare drum.

What we think:

The Canadian Maple shells offer uncompromisingly rich and warm sounds, highlight lower pitches and provide balance in the mid-range and treble.The Sonor Black Mamba tuning lugs, with fine-pitch threads, are equipped with the TuneSafe feature which prevents tension rods from loosening. Available only to a handful of U.S. Sonor dealers, this unique snare drum offers a lot of tone and value for not a lot of money.

Manufacturer Description:

Sonor's maple shell in a new 7 x 13 inch size gives you all the sensitivity, dynamic response and tonal character you've come to expect from Maple, but with a whole new range of tuning possibilities. Tune it higher without losing fullness, or tune it lower without losing stick response- the Sonor Black Mamba Maple Snare drum does it all!

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