Sony DMX-PO1 Portable Mixer


Portable Digital Mixer

Manufacturer Description:

The DMX-P01 digital mixer is a lightweight and portable field mixer developed for electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP). The unit has 32-bit, full digital sound processing and its unique Scene Memory Recall feature enables users to instantly recall up to ten different user-defined parameter settings, providing the DMX-P01 portable digital mixer with the ability to store and recall settings including limiter and compressor. This allows users to recall favorite settings instantly, which is very useful when switching between different recording environments.

Outstanding audio quality
Full 24 bit processing
Sampling rate of either 48 kHz or 96kHz
Front panel controls
Panel lock and parameter lock functionality

Feature Benefit
Excellent sound quality/Full digital processing
Provides outstanding sound quality for ENG and EFP applications
Backlit LCD panel Unit can be used in low-light conditions
Flexible meter scales
Meter calibrations can be easilty changed from one type to another without the need to replace the entire meter
Camera-audio return-level check
Verify that the mixer's audio level matches the level recorded to the camcorder

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