Sound Devices USBPre 2 Recording Interface


Stereo High Resolution USB 2.0 Recording device for both Mac and Windows Systems

What we think:

What's Included

This little unit packs an unbelievable feature list and the legendary Sound Devices audio-quality and professional reliability, making it an ideal front end for any recording situation or home studio where two channels of very serious audio is demanded. The USB Pre 2 requires nothing more than a USB cable for power and interfacing with any DAW, making it an incredibly simple and portable solution. This remarkable little 2-channel device contains 2 clean Sound Devices mic preamps, absolutely outstanding AD/DA conversion, and a high-quality USB computer interface. It has truly impressive sound quality, considering its remarkably low price-point. It offers full resolution recording of up to 192k, 24 bit, and flat frequency response from 10hz to 40khz. The extended frequency range and low noise associated with its converters and mic preamps are the same as in Sound Devices’ award-winning 7-series products.


The A/D

The A/D is clear and clean, making superb recordings whether they are for live 2 channel recordings or for use in the studio when doing multiple overdubs on multi-track projects. The DA can be a great compliment to any computer-audio setup where high quality monitoring is essential, or when you just want to enhance your iTunes collection for audiophile sound quality.



Multitracking is also easily possible with the USB Pre 2 by stacking tracks. The USB Pre has zero-latency monitoring allowing the user to monitor source audio, computer audio, or a combination of the two. Record a guitarist and overdub the singer, building up multiple guitar parts and vocal harmonies with one little box. Alternatively, build a full band production 2 channels at a time trusting that your pres and converters are doing an excellent job translating the material.



The USB Pre 2 can make a great front end or back end to Pro Tools, as seen here. It can also be used with the program of your choice, including Sonar, Cubase, and Garageband.

The Sound Devices USB Pre 2 is the perfect device for monitoring any work that requires serious high-quality audio. It can be used with serious audio and video editing applications, for mixing on the road, or even for mastering CD’s.

It has a multitude of output connectivity, including balanced mic- or line-level on XLR, unbalanced consumer line-level on RCA, S/PDIF coaxial (RCA) and optical (Toslink).



The USBPre 2 has a wide range of interfacing possibilities. Use it to interface with your favorite external DI for recording guitars or keyboards, as an external mic preamp to provide a colored alternative to the clean sounding preamps in the box, to interface with an alternative digital device, be it an AD or DA converter, CD-burner, digital effect, or for lossless transfers of digital audio in and out of your computer to another digital device.

In standalone mode, you can use the USB Pre without a computer. The USB Pre 2’s powerful connectivity makes it possible to connect digitally to many devices, such as a CD-burner or an Alesis hard disk recorder for computer-less location recording. Record with the Sound Devices USB Pre2 in stand-alone mode by connecting directly to such digital devices, and immediately benefit from the Pre’s far superior mic preamps and converters, in and out. The output even has its own level control.

Other exciting possibilities with the USB Pre 2 include connectivity to Apple’s iPad as an input or output device. With the USB Pre 2, the iPad can be turned into a high resolution portable recording device. All you have to do is add a simple powered USB hub and you will be able to utilize all the great recording and playback quality of the USB Pre2 with your iPad.

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