Speck Electronics X.Sum Mixer


16 Stereo Channel Summing Line Mixer

Manufacturer Description:

The X.Sum is a 32 x 4 line mixer that can be used for external DAW summing or as a line mixer for synths, samplers, and effect returns. Any of the 16 stereo channels can be assigned to either the main stereo Mix output or the stereo Mix-B output.

Connect the X.Sum to virtually any line level source: balanced, unbalanced, transformer, or transformer-less. The  X.Sum has high headroom that will handle balanced signals up to +28dBu. All audio inputs and outputs are fully balanced and available on TRS connectors.

Looking a bit closer at the rear panel, you will notice a Multi-function I/O connector. This connection increases the functionailty of the X.Sum's inputs and outputs.

The X.Sum includes an external breakout box that adds connectors for the Mix-B outputs and "Pre" Mix-A outputs. The left/right "Pre" Mix-A outputs bypass the X.Sum's master section so you can use your own external preamps to add character and color to your mix.


16 Stereo Line Inputs

Stereo level control.

Pan/balance control.

Mix assign switch that routes input channel to the main stereo mix or Mix-B stereo mix.

Mono Switch.

Left and right balanced TRS inputs.

    Master Section

Master level control.

Stereo/mono switch

Monitor/Phone level provides adjustment to headphone jack and Mix-B output.

Balanced TRS stereo mix output.

Expandable to 128 inputs.


The Designer
The X.Sum is the work of Vince Poulos, the designer and owner of Speck Electronics.

Speck Electronics has been producing quality professional audio products for over 35 years.  Founded in 1973, Speck Electronics has consistently provided innovations in audio products for all segments of professional recording and touring.  Other products include the LiLo mixer, the ASC equalizer, and MicPre 5.0 preamp.

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