SPL Phonitor 2 Headphone Amplifier


The ultimate 120V monitor controller and headphone amplifier!

Manufacturer Description:

The Phonitor can be counted among the best headphone preamps in the world thanks to SPL's unique 120-volt technology. With its exceptional technical specifications and a huge power margin, it can reproduce any musical material without the slightest modification, since signal processing is not limited and, thus, signals are not altered at all. Music sounds more natural and hearing fatigue is drastically reduced. Given all that, it was easy to understand the enthusiasm with which musicians, sound engineers and music lovers received the Phonitor worldwide.

As always, the Phonitor 2 remains first and foremost a headphone preamp, which is easy to identify given the elaborate loudspeaker simulation for headphones. Considering that the 120-volt amp provides everything needed to preamplify, manage and control the volume of line level signals, the latter are now also available at the output on the rear panel. 

Besides headphones, it is now possible to connect active loudspeakers and power amps directly at the output. If there is the need for more than one stereo speaker set, it is recommended to use a passive distribution module. It is important to know that all controls can be used for both outputs with headphones and loudspeakers. Obviously, loudspeaker simulation makes no sense when using real loudspeakers. However, owners of electrostatic headphones could connect their headphones to the output and use the simulation feature as well. Likewise, all monitoring options (phase reverse, solo, mono, mute) can be selected for both outputs, so that the Phonitor 2 can be used as Monitor Controller for up to three different sources.

The volume can be controlled remotely. Naturally, the audio signal is controlled via a high-quality motor potentiometer in that case. In comparison, electronic adjusting with or without AD/DA converter – very common these days – would have a significant influence on the signal quality.

To control it you can use any IR remote control: the remote must not learn the Phonitor 2, but rather the Phonitor 2 learns to understand your remote’s signal

The Phonitor 2 is the first unit to employ the 2nd generation of our 120 Volt OPs with improved specifications once again. They have Signal To Noise Ratio of 116 dB and offer a nearly 34 dB headroom – that yields an unequalled 150 dB dynamic range.

The musical result is not to be mistaken: Regardless of the monitoring means, regardless of how loud you monitor – the Phonitor 2 always remains a distant, impartial factor unaffected when used to capacity and beyond being overloaded. The phase stability is always perfect, its THD next to immeasurable.

The Phonitor 2’s OPs cannot be stressed in the most stressful circumstances, and for precisely this reason its musical sound is always relaxed and spacious. All frequencies are reproduced in balance, basses are stable and tight, mids are clear and differentiated and highs remain transparent and soft. Particularly striking is the fact that you can easily listen to every detail. Hearing fatigue makes it usually harder to carefully listen to and understand complex signals over a long period of time. The Phonitor 2 reverses this situation turning it into a pleasant listening experience that leaves you longing for more.

Such supreme and heretofore unreachable neutrality in audio reproduction is the direct consequence of our technical approach and basis in 120 volt technology: Possible disturbances from such as noise or distortion are so slight that we even arrive at the boundaries of the best measuring equipment, and what remains is quite simply unaltered musical sound.


  • Preamplifier/Monitor Controller functionality
  • Suited for all headphones and impedances
  • Volume remotely controllable
  • 120 Volt headphone amp and preamp/monitor controller
  • For all headphones with impedances >10 Ohms (>40 Ohms for balanced headphones)
  • Volume adjustment with any remote control
  • Maximum Output Power: 560 mW (1kHz/40 Ohm)
  • Frequency response: 4Hz - 480kHz (-3dB)
  • THD+N: HP 0.00091 %, Line output 0.00085%
  • Dynamic range: HP 133.62dB/Line 134.37dB


  • Stereo preamplification and headphone amplification for three sources
  • High-quality music playback at home
  • Central monitoring unit in professional environments with all classic features like phase reverse, solo, mono
  • Re-Amping (for example, level boost after analog master processing)
  • Headphone amplifier for all headphone systems and impedances
  • Loudspeaker simulation with headphones
  • Monitoring alternative in studios and mobile units
  • Adjustment of headphone playback to match familiar monitor speakers
  • Mobile reproduction of usual monitoring conditions


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