SPL Transducer


Analog Speaker and Miking Simulator

Manufacturer Description:

The SPL Transducer is an analog cabinet and miking simulator for guitar amplifiers which was designed in a cooperative developmental effort with German guitar amp specialists of Tonehunter.

In studio and on stage the Transducer replaces the guitar speaker cabinet and microphone(s) so that the time and resource-intensive microphone processing of this loud sonic source is no longer necessary. In addition the Transducer offers much more sonic flexibility and variety than a single mike and cabinet setup because it allows for varied speaker and mike simulations while allowing to retain accustomed features of individual setups (such as the ability to vary level-dependent loudspeaker characteristics and microphone distances).

Via headphones you can play inaudibly while the Transducer delivers authentic sounds even of the finest nuances of your guitar amp. Pure, high-quality analog design produces the same load like a cabinet and guarantees direct response with latency-free processing.

You want to record your fully torqued tube amp in a hotel at night? You’ll stay. Everything goes in studio and home sessions, everwhere, everytime – and without a sound booth.

On stage all problems with loud cabs and complex mikings are avoided. The artist can play with in-ear-monitoring at moderate levels, and a perfect signal in recording quality is provided for the live mix!


  • Authentic sound qualities and real time response for the guitar player in contrast to digital simulations with latencies in processing 
  • Independence from volume levels during performances or recording sessions 
  • Independence from room acoustics in recordings 
  • Provides for a live signal in recording quality without crosstalk from miking Great space and weight reduction in transport

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