This modded 2009 Fender Squier Classic Vibe '50s Precision Bass rips. This bass guitar, originally just a regular old squier bass, has undergone a few enhancements to elevate its playability and tonal versatility.

The bass wears a vibrant Lake Placid Blue finish, adding a touch of visual flair that complements its sonic character. Boasting a 1.65" Nut Width and 20 Frets, this bass is crafted for comfort, ensuring a smooth playing experience with easy fretboard navigation.

What really carries this bass is the addition of a Seymour Duncan Vintage Style 3 Quarter-Pound, Single-Coil P Bass Pickup. This modification introduces a powerful and articulate voice to your playing.

Weighing in at 8.02 lbs, this bass strikes a balance between substance and comfort, ensuring that it's a joy to wield both on stage and during extended playing sessions.

The bass has received a visual upgrade with the addition of a new thin ply '50s style pickguard and an accompanying '50s decal. Maintaining the classic feel, the bass retains a familiar 34-inch scale length. This bass comes with a gigbag. 

There are some visible blemishes in the finish on the back of the body and on the front near the tone and volume knobs. 

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Guitars West

Guitars West

Very Good
Lake Placid Blue
19 Years
Guitars West
Gary "Big Hern" Hernandez
Murrieta, CA
6:06 PM
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