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There is something special about being the first of a thing or an event. It makes you the winner, the best, the top dog. Think of Neil Armstrong, Charles Lindbergh or Sir Edmund Hillary; They were all the first to perform a feat or accomplishment and they are remembered to this day. In line with that train of thought is, being the first of something made is also very special. It means that none came before that one or if it did, it would have been a prototype or part of a practice run. Those really don't count- the only one that matters is the one that carries the number "1" on it and that is where this bass comes in. It is #1 of only 30 ever made in this color as a special order for Guitar Center. I have to be honest, when I saw the serial number on this bass, my heart jumped a bit because it is so rare to find the first of a run made, especially from a number as low as 30. To make the situation even sweeter, this instrument is in virtually unplayed condition and I mean absolutely collector quality condition. The strings look to be Steinbergers and could possibly be the original set. I very carefully played a few notes to make sure everything works and the bass sounds great. If you are an aficionado of Ned's work, then this bass could certainly be a cornerstone piece in your collection. In other words, it's the winner, the the best and most certainly the top dog!

Year Condition Color Case
~1988 Near Mint Silver Original Hard


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