Shades of Deco! Stella, in their infinite wisdom and deep knowledge of What Would Sell in those times, made this guitar, and possibly a few more like it (though I’ve never seen another that survived nearly this well), to appeal to, well, someone, way back then. The oak back and sides and spruce top are besides the point here; this is High Art of the day, with a capital “HA”. Vine, torch, leaves and flowers and a lot more painted, or perhaps applied with a decal, on the fingerboard; more of same on the top, with surprise faux-Navaho motif as a rosette. Who makes this stuff up? Believe it or not, this guitar actually plays pretty darn well, with only a few notes way up the board being a little sketchy. Not much more to say, other than someone paid a small fortune for this guitar within the last ten years and is now willing to let it go AS IS for the paltry sum of only $895 w/ssc

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