Sterling Modular "Plan C" Console


The Plan C console features the same generous gear capacity as the Plan B. 

Manufacturer Description:

The wrap-around shape optimizes your ability to view and adjust the controls while keeping you in the critical sound field.
The console is angled at 30 degrees (the optimum L-R speaker angle), which helps to equalize the early reflections of all three front speakers. The flat surfaces between the "Rack Pods" are perfect for mounting half-rack scopes and other smaller pieces of gear.
The design features that reduce the acoustical footprint are present on this and all of our Plan Series consoles and Mixer Conversions.


  • 36 total ru in the upper desk bays
  • 18 total ru in the lower front bays
  • 18 total ru in the lower rear bays
Many accessories and options are available to help you personalize your Plan C console.
All Plan Series consoles include Free Shipping within the contiguous United States

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