Strymon Flint - Tremolo and Reverb Effect Pedal


The best vintage-sounding tremolo and reverb pedal on the market from the hottest pedal maker around! Comes with Soundpure's exclusive 3-year warranty! Call today!

What we think:

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ahhh, another pedal that destroys the need for two seperate pedals.. This is a good thing! The combination of tremolo and reverb makes more sense than I would have ever thought! they work beautifully together, and shine on their own. The tremolo has just the right amount of options to get you through any style that benefits from some sweet warble, subtle or bold. The reverb is extremely smooth, and on it's longer decay settings, you'll feel like you're in the biggest church hall in the world! This pedal makes me want to start a band like Explosions In The Sky!

all that praise, and we haven't even talked about how much better this can sound when you hook it up STEREO to two amps!

compact size, very cool looks, amazing tonal qualities and options. Find out why this is the best selling Strymon pedal right now. Call or Email for more info, or to order. We can ship same day

(and I bought one for my rig. essential pedal!)


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