Strymon Lex - Rotary Speaker Effect Pedal


Quite possibly the best rotary simulator on the market from the hottest pedal manufacturer around! Comes with Soundpure's exclusive 3-year warranty for free! Call to order!

What we think:

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You ready to go vintage? It's scary how accurate this pedal is at simulating the true rotating speaker tone from an old organ cab! Super bold flavors! and then you make use of the stereo outputs going to two amps and your ears are in euphoria! such a crazy great sound. Gotta play it to believe it. Call or Email for more info, or to get one ordered up and shipped same day

Manufacturer Description:

When we decided to create a studio-class pedal that faithfully recreates the classic, unmistakable sound of the most sought-after rotating speaker system, we prepared to study every nuance and finest detail. The Strymon sound design labs have been filled with those signature, swirling, three-dimensional sounds, as we painstakingly analyzed and recreated the physics and mechanics behind these systems.

Lex provides you with a complete, accurately reproduced rotary system: the low-frequency bass rotor, the rotating treble horn, the tube-driven amplifier, finely tuned microphone placement, and all the complex sonic interactions between these elements. Utilizing a ridiculously powerful SHARC DSP, every drop of processing power is harnessed to authentically represent these details.

You get eight parameters to tweak, allowing extensive control over the tonality and mechanics of the rotating speaker system. You can manipulate each element, from rotor speed, horn level, acceleration time, microphone distance, tube drive and saturation, and volume level. Go from a maelstrom of dramatic, up-close, sweeping and swirling sounds, all the way to mellow, tranquil and calming undulations. All of this without a giant cabinet, microphone setup, and costly motor maintenance.

Four rotary adjustment and tone shaping knobs: Fast Rotor Speed, Preamp Drive, Mic Distance, Horn Level.

Four “hidden” knobs for extensive tweaking: Slow Rotor Speed, Cab Direction, Acceleration Time, +/- 6dB Boost/Cut.Your 4-knob Lex Rotary is actually a 8-knob rotating speaker machine!

Based on customer feedback, in May 2012 we introduced an updated Lex design that includes an internal jumper allowing for selectable TRS stereo input, as well as non-click footswitches. This FAQ does not apply to Lex mono input (now discontinued), which was manufactured before May 2012 and includes a mono input. Read this FAQ to determine which pedal you have.

The input can be set for either mono input or TRS stereo input. The pedal ships in mono configuration from the factory. Here’s how to adjust this configuration.

Remove the back cover of your pedal.

On the left side of the circuit board, you’ll see a jumper that can be set in two positions. Place the jumper on the left 2 pins for TRS stereo input. Place the jumper on the right 2 pins for mono input

Alternate between a fast and slow rotor speed. Ramp up and slow down with the press of a switch.


Press and hold the Fast/Slow switch to put the brakes on. The Lex rotary will wind down and stop. When at rest, the horn and drum “brake angle” is optimally positioned for consistent results. Release the Fast/Slow switch and the rotary will begin to spin

Lex provides you with a selectable Bi-Amp mode to send bass rotor signal out to the Left output, and the treble horn to the Right output. Stack two cabinets and add another dimension to your sound.

You get an expression pedal input with assignable control over any front-panel knob parameter. When set to Fast Rotor Speed, you can sweep and ramp all the way from the “braked” position up to a selectable speed.

What's Happening Inside?

Lex rotary delivers a faithful reproduction of the entire rotating speaker system. It’s all here—the low-frequency bass rotor, the rotating treble horn, the tube-driven amplifier, finely tuned microphone placement, and all the complex sonic interactions between these elements. Read our Rotary Speaker Technology white paper to learn more.


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