Studio Projects B3 Multi-Pattern LDC Microphone


The B3 is an affordable Multi Pattern Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone.

What we think:

A really decent little mic, again with a price that is unrivaled for the performance. Like it's little brother the B1, this mic is extremely versatile, particularly where you require patterns other than carioid. That being said it's got a slightly thicker heavier sound to most of the other solid state mics in the Studio Projects line, and offers a decent color alternative to say the B1 and C1. We really liked in on Floor Tom, but have also used it successfully on Bass cabs (and guitar), and even as omni for overheads. But, at $159, there is no shortage of inventive ways that this cheap but quality little mic can be used.

Manufacturer Description:

The new Studio Projects B3 is the ultimate in large diaphragm condenser microphones at this price anywhere. This microphone has all the technical refinements to be an enduring classic . With features you would expect in a world class microphone, the B3 offer's three recording pattern positions (cardioid, omni and a true figure eight) with pad and Hi-Pass filter.
Equipped with a true 1" 3 um gold sputtered dual gold large diaphragm in a pressure gradient transducer capsule, the B3 will ensure the finest quality of recordings while offering linear response and a classic deep rich sound. The B3 can be connected to any external microphone preamplifier or mixing console which provides 48 volt phantom power or via any 48 volt external power supply.
The B3 while priced at only $199.00, will compete favorably with microphones costing substantially more. If your looking for that traditional "German" sounding pedigree for your studio, but simply can't or won't spend the big dollars it takes to get it, then the Studio Projects B3 it the microphone for you. You can buy a pair and still save over $1,900.00!!! Think of what that can buy you!


  • A superb vocal microphone with warm transparent character 
  • Great for overhead choirs, strings, pianos & percussion 
  • Great for production, broadcast, and voice over work 
  • Perfect for the professional and home project studio 
  • Quality vocal mic suitable for all vocal styles


  • Pressure-Gradient Transducer, Dual 1" 3 um mylar capsule 
  • Selectable patterns (omni, cardioid, figure eight) 
  • High Pass Filter 
  • 10db Pad

Included Accessories:

  • Zippered Bag 
  • Foam Wind Screen 
  • Mic Clip

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