Pete Thorn is everywhere these days - and for good reason! He is a beast!

This Red Dragon. The Red Pete's Dragon. This Ruby of Rock. This Bloody Beast. This Crimson Cauldron of Cool... Enough, right...

Do you know Pete? Yes - Good. No - Why not? YouTube this stout player and you will understand why there is a Suhr with his name on it.

This amazing Garnet Red Pete Thorn Signature guitar is as versatile a 'super S' style axe that you could want. Equipped with Thornbucker pickups (enhanced aesthetically with classy rings), Suhr’s patented locking tuners, and a Wilkinson WVS 130 bridge tremolo for wiggly fun - all on a solid platform of Mahogany and Maple with a fast Mahogany neck and Rosewood board sporting superior SS jumbo frets. Comfy!

If you are done YouTubin' Mr. Thorn - buy this axe so you can shed in his honor. For Pete's sake... now!

Other specifications include:

Body Shape: Standard


For more information about the Suhr Pete Thorn Signature, please contact us.

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