Up for sale is this 2019 Sundragon Ltd Edition Jimmy Page 1x12 Combo. This is #4 out of 50 made, signed by Jimmy! We are absolutely honored to have this incredible amp in our possession!! This is new old stock, never been used out of the box, and the least expensive on the market!! The original shipping box is even included! Here's everything you need to know....

Sundragon analyzed every detail of Jimmy's original Supro Coronado amp, which, needed modifications after it fell off a truck! Every important detail is incorporated, including NOS parts, NOS tubes, and hand wound transformers by the original manufacturer. The speaker is a 12" Jensen P12Q, which captures the essence of the original 12" Oxford that was in Jimmy's Supro.

The amp has 2 channels, each with two inputs and a volume control. There is a tone control that works on both channels. Channel 2 has tremolo, with speed and intensity controls. This can be activated directly from the amp, or by the included foot switch. The tone of the amp is incredible!! You can dial in beautiful clean tones....but the bread & butter is the overdrive, which, you can dial in at relatively low volumes. All the glory of Jimmy's early Zepellin tones are captured perfectly!!!!

Here is the full story from Sundragon....
Sundragon is the result of a collaboration between Jimmy Page, Perry Margouleff and Mitch Colby. It is a faithful recreation of the amplifier Jimmy Page used exclusively to create the groundbreaking sounds on Led Zeppelin 1 and other notable recordings. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy would like to present Sundragon, an amplifier that gives guitarists the opportunity to enjoy the sounds he created to shape the future of Rock and Roll.

A limited edition run of 50 hand built amplifiers were made in 2019, all signed by Jimmy Page. All 50 sold out in 2 days !

Jimmy’s original amplifier started out life as a Supro Coronado. While on tour with Neil Christian the amplifier fell out of the band’s van. Not willing to give up on his beloved Supro, Jimmy had it restored. At that time the amplifier was also modified in significant ways. Jimmy realized that the sonic palette had changed to something new and unique. After being shrouded in mystery for more than 50 years, Jimmy has decided to share this extraordinary amplifier with the world.

What makes Jimmy’s original Supro Coronado sonically unique are the modifications that were done to it after it was damaged from falling out of an equipment truck. These details include:

•Change from two 10” speakers to a single Oxford 12” Alnico magnet speaker re-coned with a British style 8 ohm cone.

•New baffle and grill cloth.

•Small but significant circuit changes that alter the feel of the amp

Weight: 30lbs

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