Sunset Sound S1P "Tutti" 500 Series Mic Preamp


Harness the sound of Dual 990 op amps and custom made Cinemag nickel transformers (in-out)!

Manufacturer Description:

Based on Hollywood's famous Sunset Sound Studios, the Sunset Sound S1P "Tutti " 500 series Mic/ Inst. Preamp is a testament to Tutti Camarata, the man who started Sunset Sound.

Celebrating Sunset Sounds 50 years of recordings from Mary Poppins to Van Halen, The Doors to Sheryl Crow, Led Zeppelin to the Wallflowers, the studio had to deliver a level of quality to its vocals, and it has replicated that same quality in the new S1P. 

The S1P is based on the design used in the massive API console in Studio A where so many famous vocalists have recorded.

The S1P features Dual Hardy 990 op amps, two custom made Cinemag nickel transformers (in-out) and is the original design keeping it true to history.

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