Tres cool mid-60s Supro Dual Tone resoglass, branded "Oahu." All original except for new blade-type pickup selector switch (good quality replacement from Stew-Mac). Sorry, the original was hopeless, but I'll toss it in the case anyway. Resoglass surfaces still nice and glossy. Just a very little scuffing/swirling here and there. Neck and frets in great shape. The only cosmetic flaw is that some former owner scuffed up the metal surfaces a little (important safety tip: steel wool is NOT for removing tarnish!). Nothing major, but it's less than perfect. Plays great, and sounds awesome too. Pups are darker than typical single coils, but still have plenty of snap. BTW, the bridge pup tone knob is a bit odd. When maxed, the tone is a rather thin. However, backing off the knob (instead of making the tone muddy) actually keeps the brightness but fills in the girth. Hence, pup sounds best with tone knob backed off. Hey, 50 year old pots and caps... BTW, the missing metal insert for the neck attachment screw (see back pic) has been replaced. Comes with original chipboard case that is a little rough but still fully functional. Resoglasses are cool as all get-out, and the Oahu branded version seems to be the rarest Dual Tone out there.

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Hootenanny Vintage Guitars
Thomas Patrick Diggins
Youngstown, OH
9:42 AM

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