1960's mid century modern ukuleles by Swagerty of San Clemente
California. Swagerty offered three models of their novelty ukuleles from smallest to largest they were the Surfa-lele, the Kook-a-la-lee and the Singing Treholipee. Used primarily as decorative wall art it turns out they are surprizingly playable when set up. Although different in size they have an 18" scale length which makes them long scale tenor ukuleles. The sharp headstocks were made for after strumming on the beach, you simply turned the uke upside-down and stuck it in the sand for safe keeping until you came in from the waves. The Petersen Polk-a-lay-lee was a ripped off version from Chicago with the same scale and same pointed headstock. Your choice while supply last, Surfa-leles are $200, Kook-a-la-lees are $250, Singing Treholipees are $300, Polk-a-lay-lees are $300, your choice of color surfs up, hang ten of them on your wall. VGA

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