Swart Atomic Space Tone 1x12 Combo Amp


Powered by twin 6V6's, The Atomic Space Tone is perfect for nailing those spacious and lush sounds!

What we think:

The Atomic Space Tone is lush, warm and sweet - everything you want in a small tube combo! The onboard tremolo and reverb built into this baby are to die for - everything from subtle "sitting in the back" to full on wet drenched ambience can be dialed in with the controls working together so well. Give depth to your volume swells, add a little more dynamics to that arpeggiated run, or just throw a little color on your riff to see what kind of tonal territory you dive into. Completely hand wired, point to point to assure the highest quality final product. The Mojotone BV-25m compliments the circuit wonderfully, giving it that open and airy warmth to the midrange and a hint of vintage British tone! The AST is in a realm of its own, with a tone so warm and sweet you can taste it.

Manufacturer Description:



Michael Swart comments on his latest amplifier:

The idea of the Atomic Space Tone hit me when I was working on a vintage Gibson Scout guitar amp. It had Reverb, Tremolo, and 15 watts of pure rocking vintage tone power but only three preamp tubes and two EL-84 output tubes. I thought to my self - I have never seen an amp that could do so much with so little and sound surprisingly good. But I knew it could be even better. I knew something could be built revolving around my favorite little tone generator, the 6V6. I sent a note of thanks to my cohort for the inspiration for one of the best amplifiers I have ever built and the only thing I have found to equal the soul and amazing tone of the ST-6V6se but with MORE power. 

I call it the ATOMIC SPACE TONE. And damn if it's not a winner - this beast sounds amazing. 

This amp brings more tube soul than I thought possible, even compared to some of my favorite vintage amps. We are talking ALL TUBE circuitry, even the Tremolo and Reverb, all leading into the excellent 12" Mojotone BV-25m speaker.

I am actually so excited by this amp both aurally and visually. It's the second in our Tweed Series which takes our excellent finger jointed pine cabinet and covers it with top quality tweed, adding a lacquer to give it durability and that vintage, timeless look. We then add a rich, dark lacuer tweed on the sides which gives this amp a totally distinctive appearance. When we play out with this beast, everyone that "knows" comes up to inquire about the AST, this on the sound AND looks. Just like the original ST-6V6se, there is nothing out there like it.

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