Swart ST-Stereo Amp Head & 2x12 Stereo Cabinet


Two 5 watt amps in one amp head, plus 2 independent 12" speakers for each amp! STEREO AMP HEAVEN!

What we think:

Stereo is always better! You know those pedals with stereo outputs that you love to run to two different amps? Sounds incredible with all that extra dimension, right? Right! But then you think about hauling two amps to the gig, and you stop yourself because extra gear is extra strain that you just don't have time for. Well, while this may not be a super high volume amp, it can handle smaller gigs and especially shines in the studio! best part is, you don't need to lug around 2 amps and cabs!

The Swart Space Tone Stereo amp and 2x12 cab consists of 2 amps in one head cabinet. 5 watts each, with truly incredible tremolo and reverb. There's even a gain boost switch for each amp, in case you really want to push that grit! I can't say enough good things about the tone and functionality of this amp and cab! The 12" speakers have a baffle board inbetween them to seperate their sound a bit, and the speakers are also angled outward to each corner of the cab for truly spacious sound.

Try a pair of 6L6 tubes in place of the 6V6's for a little more giggin' power! I know I would :)

creambacks upgrade! Amazing choice of speakers for this amp. Seriously! You have to hear this thing! You won't want to play anything else. call or email for more info


Manufacturer Description:

Well, it's finally here and shipping, this after the biggest pre-release stir since the AST!   Michael has just done it again with this beast, an amp that HAS TO BE HEARD IN PERSON TO BE BELIEVED.  Yep, that deserves all caps for effect.  Take two of our favorite 5w Single-Ended circuits, one with our reverb and one with our killer tremolo, stuff them in ONE Chassis with the ability to drive them both from your favorite axe, with a near infinite ability to tweak the stereo response, and you have the most room filling, 3D, LARGEST sounding amps Swart has ever produced.  This beast is LUSH and PLUSH, and larger than life sounding.  Takes 6V6 or 6L6 and can drive your two favorite cabs for the most separation or partner with our all new 2x12 Stereo cab, speakers set at 45 Degrees.  Each amp can be configured to 4 or 8 ohms. Each amp has it's own volume and tone controls with 2 switch EQ.  You can adjust the volume for each, changing the effect to hearts content.  Really rewards creative thinking and experimentation.  THE favorite option in the shop right now!  Amps can be driven separately or together. Please contact your favorite Swart dealer to get in the queue. Absolutely amazing. 

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