Classic Takamine "lawsuit" guitar, an F-340S (solid-topped) D-18 copy. I'm not sure if they actually got sued over this one, but the rip-off is pretty blatant. In excellent condition throughout, except for the center seam crack that is shown. No attempts have been made to repair this (which is good), and it is completely stable. Might be a good guitar for a test run on a straightforward crack repair. I'd do it if I had time. Very low action, down around 1/16", but does not buzz unduly. This is a little low for my aggressive style, but this would be a great guitar for someone who wants a nice vintage dread that's a little easier to play. Offered WAY below retail for this desirable solid-topped lawsuit axe, of course because of the crack. I'll find a serviceable chipboard case for it.

Hootenanny Vintage Guitars

Very Good
10 Years
Hootenanny Vintage Guitars
Thomas Patrick Diggins
Youngstown, OH
12:13 AM

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