Tama 8x14 Starclassic Bubinga Snare Drum-Satin


Starclassic Bubinga shells are made slightly thicker than those in the Starclassic Maple series to provide a more aggressive attack, a fuller deep and dark tone, and more powerful resonance.

What we think:

These Bubinga shells have incredibly powerful and well-balanced sound with solid attack and rich, resonant lows.

Manufacturer Description:

African bubinga wood is approximately 53% harder than maple and birch. Acoustically speaking, bubinga provides very sharp and aggressive attack combined with unbelievably rich and fat lows. These drums are crafted with 9 plies of bubinga, and include Super Sensitive Snappy Wire snares that have been improved from their previous incarnation. The snare head can be removed without completely removing the snares with the MLS50B Detachable Butt Plate, and the Linear Drive Strainer has done away with the contact sound initiated by turning on the snares. Also included Hold Tight Washers that will not come loose from vibration.


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