Tama Iron Cobra 600 HV5WN Hardware Pack


Tama hardware pack. Drum Stand Package with 1 x HP600D Iron Cobra 600 Kick Pedal, 1 x HH605 Iron Cobra 600 Hi-hat Pedal, 1 x HS80W Roadpro Snare Stand, and 2 x HC83BW Roadpro Boom Cymbal Stands


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Get smooth, hard-hitting action from the HP600D Iron Cobra 600 kick pedal

Tama's Iron Cobra 600 kick pedal features a revolutionary changeable cam that lets you choose your pedal action based on your personal preference. The Duo Glide cam lets you easily convert between a round "Rolling Glide" sprocket for a smooth, linear stroke, and an offset "Power Glide" sprocket for increased power and speed.

The HH605 Iron Cobra 600 hi-hat pedal offers traditional, snappy feel

Tama's HH605 Iron Cobra 600 hi-hat pedal gives you traditional pull-action feel, snappy response, and performance-ready stability. Double-braced legs provide heroic stability, but they fold up neatly for easy transportation. A 6-way tension adjustment allows you to dial in precise feel and response, and with its swivel foot, you can easily setup the Tama HH605 Iron Cobra 600 hi-hat stand anywhere you need it.

Set up your snare the way you like it with the Roadpro HS80W snare stand

The Roadpro HS80W's Glide-Tite Grip Joint provides an extremely secure attachment and superior isolation for your drum, bringing out its natural resonance, and Tama's patented Quick-Set Tilter also offers infinite positioning angles. The snare basket itself allows the HS80W to accommodate a wide range of 12" to 15" snare drums, as its unequally spaced, asymmetrical basket arms and independently rotating basket won't interfere with your drum's strainer and snares.

The HC83BW Roadpro boom cymbal stands delivers awesome cymbal stability

Tama's HC83BW Roadpro boom cymbal stands include Tama's patented Quick-Set Tilter, which is infinitely adjustable and super stable. The Quick-Set Cymbal Mate makes attaching and detaching cymbals a breeze, and ultra-stable double-braced legs provide rock-solid feel, without adding bulk.


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