Tama 5x14 Kenny Aronoff Signature Snare Drum


The KA145 is a great all-around snare drum with a lot of crack and attack, warmth and wide tuning range

Manufacturer Description:

Three beautifully engraved drums, all with brass shells and Brass Mighty Hoops, but each with a different mission in sound. The latest addition to the KA signatures, the deep-shelled KA1465, lets you fully enjoy the trademark bright and somewhat round tone sound of brass. The KA145 is a great all-around snare with a lot of crack and impressive attack (as befits the man who inspired it), warmth and wide tuning range. The KA154 Trackmaster Super Piccolo's 15" diameter has a really unique sound that you just can't get with the standard 14" size.


Shell: Brass(Nickel Plated)

Hoops: Brass Mighty(10 Hole Nickel Plated)

Lugs: MSL35(Nickel Plated)

Strainer/Butt: MUS80A/MUS80B(Nickel Plated)

Snappy: MS20SN14S

Year Condition
Call Brand New


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