Tama 7x14 S.L.P. Backbeat Bubinga Birch Snare Drum


Combining Birch and Bubinga is one of Tama's signature sound recipes, so now that magic combination gets a representative in the Sound Lab Project snare line. Baring a beautiful exterior ply of naturally finished white oak, the S.L.P. Backbeat makes a stunning centerpiece. But, the drum's best qualities stem from the Bubinga Birch blend inside. Marrying the rich, dark tonality of three interior Bubinga plies with the cracking projection of four Birch out plies, this snare matches remarkable sensitivity with profound depth as greater striking pressure is applied.

What we think:

The enhanced lows of bubinga offer exotic sounds without the exotic price. This TAMA SLP Backbeat Bubinga Birch 7 x 14" snare drum combines birch and bubinga - a TAMA signature recipe - to give you a unique sonic centerpiece for your kit. Combining the rich, dark tone of three interior bubinga plies with the intense cracking projection of four birch outer plies, this amazing limited edition snare delivers incredible volume, punch, depth, and responsiveness to your stick attack.

Manufacturer Description:

  • Shell: 3 Bubinga inner ply + 4 Birch outer ply + 1 White Oak outer ply/8mm shell
  • Size: 7 x 14"
  • Finish: Matte Tan Oak finish with Chrome hardware
  • Hoop: Steel Mighty hoops (2.3mm flanged hoops)
  • Lug: Brass Tube Lug
  • Snares: 20 strands Starclassic Hi-Carbon Steel Snappy snare

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