Tama 6.5x14 S.L.P. Super Black Brass Snare Drum


The Black Brass snare is part of TAMA's SLP Series of snare drums, created to give you access to a wide range of distinctive snare sounds at a great price. Just like every SLP Series snare, the Black Brass's components were chosen specifically to give it a characteristic sound.

What we think:

A retro-style snare drum with a sleek look and crisp sound for the new generation.

Manufacturer Description:

TAMA's Black Brass SLP snare's unusually thick 1.5mm brass shell provides you with a fat, powerful sound that blossoms into warm resonance with every strike. A 2.3mm flanged hoop also opens up the natural warmth of the Black Brass snare, and a 42-strand Snappy Snare provides buzz and added character to its sound. It's the perfect sound for aggressive styles such as hard rock and metal.

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