Tama 5x12 Mike Portnoy Hammered Black Steel Snare Drum


Mike Portnoy's signature snare drums feature a unique three-way snare strainer that offers additional sounds without the hassle of switching snare drums.

What we think:

These Bubinga shells have incredibly powerful and well-balanced sound with solid attack and rich, resonant lows.

Manufacturer Description:

Mike and TAMA worked together to create a three-way snare strainer that makes adjusting tension as easy as switching between two snare drums. The MP125 'Melody Master' snare drum has a 1mm hammered steel shell, offering a brighter, more resonant sound than its larger wooden cousin, the MP1455.


    • 5" x 12"
    • 1mm Steel Shell
    • 3-Way Strainer
    • Die-Cast Chrome Hoops and Lugs
    • Bright Sound
    • Resonant

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