Tama 5pc Silverstar Drum Set 22"-Indigo Sparkle


Silverstar drums are designed and built to capture the essence of the vintage kits we love from the 60’s and 70’s, but upgraded with features and functionality that rival today’s most expensive boutique brands.

Manufacturer Description:

The TAMA Silverstar line of drums delivers the quality and sound of more expensive sets at an affordable price. 100% birch shells, triple flanged hoops, a streamlined Star-Mount system, and a slidable tom holder are included. Detailed information:

  • All Birch Shells - Carefully selected birch materials are utilized for the shells in the Silverstar series. By using the same molding methods used for their high-end drums, a powerful sound, rich tone, and warm resonance is achieved. 6-ply/6mm Toms & Snare, 7-ply/7mm Bass Drum
  • StarCast Mounting System: A streamlined design makes it easier to position toms closer together for greater ease and comfort. In addition, a switch to aluminum provides lighter weight and even truer tonal vibration.
  • Low Mass Lugs - These small lugs are newly designed separate lugs for the Silverstar series. By reducing the surface area that the lugs occupy on the shell, a structure that does not hinder shell resonance is achieved.
  • Slidable Tom Holder - The double tom holder for the Silverstar series makes it possible to move the tom forward or backward up to 52Kmm to any position simply by loosening a square-headed bolt.
  • Claw Hook-These claw hooks for stabilizing the wood hoops on bass drums feature built-in rubber plastic material which helps maintain tuning even during long performances.

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