Thanks to our new friend Frank Meyers at Drowning in Guitars, we were finally able to identify this ol' gal. This piece is very close to a Honey SG-5 but with different pickups. In the early 60's during the Japanese guitar boom, Teisco Gen Gakki was making guitars for Teisco. From there, the guitars were shipped to the Teisco Tokyo factory to have the electronics attached. In 1966, Kawaii bought the Teisco company and Teisco Gen Gakki ceased production. For the next couple of months, the company was producing guitars under the Firstman, Idol and Honey names. Soon, all three companies folded. This guitar is comprised of the leftover parts of the three different factories trying to use up remaining stock before going out of business. So while this guitar's body is an Idol, the neck is a Teisco while the pickups were current stock. We meticulously serviced and cleaned this piece up, as it has become one of our most intriguing finds. The guitar has the typical playwear of a 60's Teisco. There are some dings and scratches and some chips,. But it's very important to remember these were catalog guitars. Most weren't treated tenderly and often taken apart for parts a lot were just tossed. The playability is spot on and the guitar has a tone like no other. This is one of our most looked-at pieces at guitar shows. Weighs 6lbs 3oz. Nut width is 1.68" and a 9.5" radius. Teisco is making a comeback and you cannot go wrong with this one. None like it!

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