TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik C-12 Microphone


Legendary Tube Condenser Microphone

What we think:

One thing we have noticed in the microphone world, there just aren't a lot of GREAT C12 clones.  With plenty of 47s and 251s in all price ranges, it is nice to have the "be all end all" of C12s.

The TFunk C12 just absolutely sounds amazing.  It has such a forward and bright top end, but it isn't harsh at all.  We hesitate to even use "bright" as it typically has the wrong connotation for the sound, but the TFunk has this unbelievable top end without the harshness, sibilance or grating that so many microphones exhibit today.  This is also the perfect complement to your cherished 47 or 67 that already lives in your studio.

And the C12 isn't just for female vocalists.  It does have a reputation for boosting female vocals and helping them cut through the mix, but plenty of male vocals have been cut with the C12 as well.  Like all Telefunken microphones, the C12 is built to the exact specifications of the original.  Every component is built in house in Connecticut and comes with one of the best customer warranties around.   If a C12 is on your radar, look no further!

Manufacturer Description:

If there were ever a microphone that was the epitome of classic, hi-fidelity sound, it would be the AKG C-12. The first of the AKG line of selectable pattern condenser mics, the C-12 is revered for its smooth, airy response. Considered by many to be the finest sounding microphone ever produced, original C-12 microphones are still in use in recording studios throughout the world.

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is proud to manufacture the C-12 once again. Our new CK12 capsule is built from the original manufacturers technical specifications, and utilizes a Haufe (manufacturer of the original) output transformer built to match the original, and a microphone grade 6072a tube just like the original system.

Our new C-12 is incredibly detailed, capturing all the subtle nuances of a performance and transferring them back to the listener in a manner that is so realistic; you'll think you're listening to the source directly. Its silky smooth top end provides plenty of air without sounding harsh or artificial. Its midrange speaks clearly and articulately, capturing the source with a natural presence. Its low end is tight and focused, perfectly balanced with the rest of the frequency range. These qualities make the C-12 a fantastic choice for all types of instruments, lending itself especially well to drum overheads, acoustic guitar, and vocals.

Coveted by an extensive list of professional recording engineers, the TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik C-12 historic reissue is an exceptional microphone that will be a treasured addition to your microphone collection for many decades to come.

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