Anderson Hollow Cobra S Tobacco Fade - # 1-14-99Q


A mighty and majestic S-style stunner from Anderson!

What we think:

Condition: Used, Good

Weight = 7.4 lbs.

What can we say about this beauty other than it's a whole lot of guitar in one eye-popping package? How about an onboard Piezo pickup that allows you to dial in gorgeous acoustic tones and blend them with the bridge and neck position humbuckers to taste. And speaking of those Anderson humbuckers, get ready to run the full gamut of incredible tone with a flick of the 5-way switch, from throaty to spanky and all points between. I had so much fun playing this guitar, I didn't want to stop. Whatever your preferred style, you'll find everything you could possibly want and more in this sleek and stylish guitar!


Manufacturer Description:

The screaming had become too loud, the demand too great—we loved it. 

Those who lived and breathed the obvious advantages of Cobra but also reveled in their S-shaped Andersons wanted  the two to merge into one magnificent instrument that could and would boast all Cobra attributes but look and hang like their favorite "S-shaped" "Ande".

In 1996, Cobra S took its rightful place alongside the now renown Cobra to add the same Cobra "crush" to the world of "S."  Taking over the (musical) world with an "S" just got a lot easier.  This is the "S-shaped" guitar that will command everything within its earshot.


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