Anderson Drop T Cajun Red w/ Binding 01-03-16N


Pictures don't do this Drop T's luscious Cajun Red finish justice, it's truly breathtaking!

What we think:

Weight: 7.15 lbs.

An extremely versatile guitar that is well suited for anything within the rock and blues realms. This Anderson Drop T features one of the most comfortable chocolate maple necks we've come across with a wonderful natural satin finish that won't slow you down. The swamp ash body with flame maple top makes for a very detailed top end, while still producing some low end beef when you need it. With the 5 way switch, you have access to just about any sound you need, and can easily get tones that you would normally expect out of an S-style guitar. For this reason, this is a great instrument if you're used to S-style guitars but looking for a change. To put it all together the Cajun Red finish is stunning and will inspire you to pick this beauty up whenever you're near it!

Manufacturer Description:

Drop T is a:

Single cut away, "T" profile body with a gorgeous maple or exotic wood top that is swooped (or dropped) over the forearm contour to create very comfortable playing conditions and a beautiful look in one masterful move.

Non-pickguard styling

Angled control layout, without the use of a traditional “T” control plate (like an S-style)

25 1/2-inch scale length

Solid or Hollow

Of course, perfection of playing and sound abound.

All Anderson's awesome attributes soundly intact so you can get yours anyway you want it.

Often we are asked the question, "Which is the most versatile guitar?  What is the one guitar that will do all styles most easily?" 

Before we answer we must acknowledge that the prevailing thought is: there is not one guitar that can do it all.  And if you are trying to specifically specialize in different sounds, that may be true.

...but after all, this is...

Anderson Guitarworks

And so we would like to say with confidence:

For all around everything—for an instrument that can cop all styles and not force you to change guitars all night long—the most versatile guitar on Earth (made by anyone) is the:

Drop T and Hollow Drop T,

Equipping yours with a humbucker / single / humbucker pickup layout will most easily unlock this versatility.

There are quite a few reasons why Drop T has such an extreme range.

“T” body: when done properly, its overall shape offers a sonic signature that falls in a middle ground between S–shape and Bulldog—broader than S—more snap and pop than Bulldog.

Anderson H–series pickups have a broader bandwidth than most standard humbuckers so their single coil capabilities are vastly superior to the normal split humbucker, and of course their full humbucker sound is magnificent.

Anderson switching allows easy 5-Way or Switcheroo access to an almost uncountable amount of sounds while still utilizing easy-to-operate and familiar control.

Exotic wood-topped body adds a bit of dominance to the sonic presentation.

Choice of Mahogany or Alder body back will further incline your preferred style—slightly emphasizing mid-focused humbucker tones or wider single coil tones, respectively.  A Basswood body back will balance in the middle between the two sounds and Swamp Ash will bequeath open, delicate and airy musicality.

Solid or Hollow body chambers gives growl or smooth flowing sounds of the same nature.

And of course, all Anderson options are available so this guitar can be thoroughly yours.

If complete versatility is not your thing and you want the most elegant "T" guitar to deliver a more specialized sonic message, we merely need to equip this same guitar with a different electronic package and it can be as specialized as your needs require—so nice.

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