Anderson Hollow Drop Top Jack's Blue Quilt Top #05-21-07A


One word - GORGEOUS! 5-Way switching and HSS configuration make this strat a cool drink of water!

What we think:

It would be an understatement to say that this Anderson Drop Top has floored us all. From the smooth contours of the body to the immaculate details put into actual construction of the guitar, all aspects of this work of beauty are top-notch. The flame top and the mesmerizing Jack's Pacific Blue finish blend together like fire and ice, a synergetic mixture whose outcome is more than the sum of its parts.

This Anderson proudly embodies all that it is to be a modern strat...and that means options. A 5-way selecting switch allows numerous tonal possibilities along with a coil-splitting humbucker and an "add bridge" option (extremely useful for adding a little bit more of the sonic spectrum into your licks). The pickups articulate very well and have a particular clarity that is not found in all strats. Though the single coils are not completely hum canceling, there's a certain flavor about them that is very enticing to the ear. I have found with most 5 way configurations there is always one position that runs a little warmer than most...not the case with this Drop Trop!

The most undervalued aspect of all about this guitar is one of the most unbelievable - it plays as good as it looks! The natural tonewoods of this beast start out crisp, with a lot of complex overtones ringing through upon further strumming. The neck feels smooth as butter, and the comfortable and familiar S-body style makes this guitar feel like home the moment you pick it up for the first time. This is a truly astonishing piece of art...and it won't be around for long!

Manufacturer Description:

Oh yes, this is the guitar that started it all! 

Before Drop Top, the number of S-style guitars that had a maple top that was “dropped” or swooped over the top to create a comfortable forearm contour was exactly...0.

But with the introduction of the magnificent Drop Top in 1990, all changed and the “S” instrument could now have it's full contours, be a thing of astounding beauty and have ample amounts of tone wood backing its exotic wood top to sound rich and spectacular.

Over the years we have come to unlock even greater secrets of tone for the Drop Top and it is truly more spectacular than it has ever been.  Now we offer Drop Top with 4 different choices of tone-wood back—all of which are so impressive that all of your non-Anderson playing friends will not only stare at you in envy constantly but will want to play it every chance they get-—which is every time you are magnanimous enough to let them.

Drop Top features a beautiful piece of book matched flame or quilted maple, koa or walnut that is actually bent (or "dropped") over a tonewood body-back to create the same comfortable forearm contour of our other models.

As a result of this design, we've chosen a body top thickness of 3/16 of an inch, which actually enhances and richens the sonic character of the instrument. The result is a guitar that not only plays effortlessly, is extremely comfortable, and sounds amazing but is so darn good looking that if you don't dress well it just may upstage you.

 Today, along with your choice of flame or

 quilted maple, walnut or koa top,Drop Top

 now offers four choices of body-backing tone-

 wood to bring the sonic character you desire

 from your "S" to bear on the bandstand.

  • Alder back:our most popular backing wood, its lower-mid fullness and upper-mid bump give a familiar “S” timbre that supports the lower-end fullness of single coil pickups and humbucks alike while its upper-mid penetration makes sure other instruments are unable to step into your spot on stage.

  • Mahogany back:focused and aggressive mids bring humbuckers roaring to life and offer an overall powerful experience-—a very popular choice.

  • Swamp Ash back: Deep low-lows and softly sparkling highs with an open, scooped middle make for a breathtakingly musical presentation of subtile nuances. And the added bonus is that the maple top actually presents this quintessential Swamp Ash tone with a bit more authority, so it can easily be utilized and appreciated in more diverse gigging environments.

  • Basswood back: You can never go wrong with this wood if it is done the way it should be done—and believe me, we do it the way it should be done.  The sound of an 80's-vibe humbucker is defined by this body wood—soft (not hard), full flowing focused mids make everything this wood touches bloom with rich, lush, even-balanced midrange tonality.

When flying through the changes or manipulating just a few soulful notes, it is nice to have a neck that has been designed to do just that—play like butter and support every move you make with nearly effortless response, so all that you are playing flows seamlessly. 

To facilitate this fingerboard bliss that is just right for you, we offer a wide range of extremely comfortable neck backshapes and fret combinations.

Neck WoodforDrop Top—your choices are:

  • Maple with Rosewood fingerboard (most popular)

  • Maple

  • Chocolate Maple

  • Rosewood

  • Maple with Pau Ferrofingerboard

Drop Top

if you want aggressive dominance.  On stage, no instrument can stand in its path.




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