Tom Anderson Hollow Cobra Cherry Shaded 12-04-13P - Used


A Cherry Shaded gem with Soapbar-style pickups!

What we think:

Condition: Used, Great

Weight: 6.15 lbs.

Let's get one thing straight: Tom Anderson makes beautiful guitars and this one is no exception. From the moment I laid eyes on its Cherry Shaded finish, I was hooked. When I started to play it and realized just how good it felt and sounded, I was blown away. Its PQ-1 and PQ-2 Soapbar-style pickups occupy that coveted space between single coil and humbucker and are capable of delivering all of the delicious tones you could want. They've even added push/pull splitting and a VA Booster to let you quickly add some extra power and saturation. Did I mention that this guitar plays like a dream? Smooth, fast and comfortable no matter what your playing style. Anderson does it again!


Manufacturer Description:

Cobras are just ridiculously good! 

A guitar like no other, Cobra will play it all, cross over and through all styles of music, stomping your stamp of authority with graceful fluidity.

The one and only Cobra has been a star here at Anderson Guitarworks since its inception in 1992.  Everyone loves Cobra so much that it has literally become an Anderson tradition—so magnificent to play.

All species of Cobra find their muscular voice solidly based on:

Mahogany Foundation

24 3/4-Inch Scale Length

While their defining clarity comes from:

String-Through-the-Body Bridge - Tremolo or Fixed

Flat Neck–to–Body Geometry

It is the best of both worlds as Cobra stands midway between our S and T–family guitars and the Bulldog–family—granting giant legato growl with a bit of a Cobra bite.

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