Anderson Icon Classic Satin Tobacco Burst Guitar 10-05-15P


The very first traditional S-style offering from Anderson is finally here!

What we think:

With Anderson guitars the bar is already ridiculously high, but this one knocks it out of the park!

You'll find plenty of versatility and tone for days in this S-style beauty, which features two single coils, one humbucker and Push/Push splitting capabilities. The Buzz Feiten tuning system ensures accurate intonation even when you're bending away or going to town with the tremolo bar. The V-shape neck is fast and comfortable and the stunning Satin Tobacco Sunburst makes this guitar as exciting to look at as it is to play. This guitar really embodies all that it meant to be a super s-style in the late 80's - that includes fast playing neck, unmatched versatility and modern design. This guitar truly has it all.  

Manufacturer Description:

Icon Classic

Magnificence in playability is an undeniable requirement for complete guitar fulfillment—the very foundation of every Anderson guitar—unparalleled playability.

But for some players, bringing forth their vintage vision also requires iconic styling cues—most notability, the inclusion of:

Three numbered knobs, a top jack, full-sized S-body and 1 rear strap button. 

In the past the dilemma has been: How can I possibly give up pristine Anderson playability, full Major 3rd bends and ridiculously rich, multidimensional chording that rings out so wonderfully in tune?  Playing an Anderson Guitar is like nothing else—to be sure.

So, so good!

But…when no one is looking and I close my eyes I sometimes still see myself as a vintage rocker.  Why must I give up one for the other?  In this day in age of "cake and eat it too,” there must be a way.

And the answer is now: Icon Classic

Icon Classic is the S-body Anderson with:


  • Full-sized S-body

  • 3 numbered knobs—1 volume and 2 tone—wired for full-function, given this layout.

  • Top Jack

  • 1 Rear Strap Button
  • Satin Finishes—smooth and lavish in a vast array of color choices (a break-through satin finish process)

No trepidation remains for the fashion conscious vintage player—just flat-out Anderson performance hemmed by a vintage vibe now hailed as:

Icon Classic—welcome to the Vintage World of Performance

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