Imperial MK II

First introduced in 1993, the Imperial has become a proven favorite of guitarists seeking authentic vintage tone. Utilizing all-tube circuitry, traditional spring reverb, and a specially voiced, highly resonant cabinet, the Imperial captures the true experience of playing a well-worn vintage amplifier – both in tone and feel.

Twenty years of research and development have been engineered into the new Imperial MK II to capture the best of authentic vintage tone while offering a number of useful new features.


20W, 1×12 Two Channel Combo

Custom designed 12″, 8-Ohm, Ceramic Magnet speaker made by Eminence

2-Channel (Rhythm, Lead), Footswitchable
Rhythm Channel controls: Volume, Treble, Bass
Lead Channel controls: Volume, Tone

Tube Driven spring reverb
Full size 2-spring reverb pan

Bias modulation type tremolo circuit
Footswitch controllable
Rhythm Channel:

Vol, Treb, Bass
Lead Channel:

Vol, Tone, Mid-Bite
Output Power:


12”, 8-Ohm Ceramic Magnet ‘Tone King 33’ Made by Eminence
Built-In Ironman II Compensated Power Attenuator:

Controls: Attenuation Level, HF Compensation, Rhythm Channel Bypass Enable
Attenuation Steps: 0db, -3db, -9db, -15db, -24db, -36db
HF Compensation: tailors the high frequency “presence” as decired
Rhythm Channel Bypass: when selected, the attenuator will automatically be bypassed when the rhythm channel is selected

Two button footswitch (channel, tremolo)
LED status indicators

5x12AX7A, 1x12AT7, 2x6V6GT, 1x5AR4
Output Stage:

2x6V6, cathode biased, no negative feedback
Output Power:

220W RMS
Speaker Impedence:

8 Ohms
Ironman II Attenuator Design Features:

Precision Tuned Reactive Load
Fletcher-Munson Volume Compensation Circuitry
Damping factor correction

22.5″ (wide) x 19.25″ (tall) x 10.5″ (deep)

36.2 pounds

Turquoise/White, Brown/Cream, Cream, Black/Cream

Year Condition Case
2016 Brand New None


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