Tonelux Designs Tilt EQ


8 Channel Tilt EQ

Manufacturer Description:

If you're not a fan of surgical EQ'ing and would rather have a quick fix when mixing tracks, Tonelux may have the answer for you. Best known for their modular mixing desks, they are now producing rackmount processors, the newest of which is the Tilt EQ. It gives the user eight channels of one-knob 'Tilt' equalisation, a simple EQ'ing method that previously appeared on Tonelux's MP1A preamp module.
Tilt EQ simultaneously boosts and cuts by shifting the EQ curve around a centre frequency. Turning the knob to the right not only acts as a treble boost, but also a bass cut, while turning it left performs the opposite function, creating a dramatic change in frequency balance with little effort on the engineer's part. All eight channels of the Tonelux Tilt have a fixed centre frequency of 650Hz, offering up to 6dB of 'Tilt' toward either the low or high frequencies. This form of equalisation is intended for use where quick changes are necessary, or as a relatively simple method for “warming up or cooling off tracks”, offering a quicker fix than a parametric EQ.

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