1999 Tony Zemaitis Custom Deluxe electric guitar, made in England; Body: three piece mahogany with Danny O'Brien engraved top and back plates; Neck: mahogany; Fretboard: ebony; Frets: mild wear; Electrics: working, upgraded J M Rolph ’59 PAF Humbuckers (originals retained); Hardware: good, vendors initial engraved to the truss rod cover (a spare blank is supplied); Case: Levy's gig bag; Weight: 3.80kg; Overall condition: very good

*Sold on behalf of the original owner, who had always been keen to own a Zemaitis instrument after seeing Ron Wood playing his original solid-body Z. At the time, he had neither the time or money to progress matters further, however with the threat of Tony considering retirement, he decided to take the plunge, placing an order in April 1999 just before Tony decided to wind down his operations.

Having been sent many examples of Zemaitis specs and options by Tony, he decided upon a Custom Deluxe metal front, now the most coveted model of all Zemaitis guitar. As is typical for all metal front models, the panel has been hand engraved by Danny O'Brien, Zemaitis' personal engraver. A rare feature for this model, Danny has also engraved the two back panels.

The guitar is sold with extensive provenance, which includes:

  • A folder with hand written letters and receipts from Tony throughout the build process, including a hand drawn map to direct to the Zemaitis house to collect the guitar in person.

  • Various photographs, some supplied by Tony, documenting various stage of the build. Other taken on the day of collection at Tony’s house, including Tony with the vendor and holding the guitar. Further artistic shots of the guitar are supplied, taken by the vendors wife.

  • A complete set of Zemaitis Gazette magazines, from 1999 to 2022. The Z Gazette was sent out to members / Z owners only. Two front covers feature this guitar, and one features Tony taken on the day of collection.

  • The original two pick ups fitted by Zemaitis. The replacements were fitted by Patrick Eggle approx. twenty years ago.

  • One blank truss rod cover, which a future owner could have engraved with their own initials.

  • One Z plectrum, and one extremely rare Z tie pin. 

  • A document of authenticity from Keith Smart, chairman of The Zemaitis Guitar Owners Club

This is a rare opportunity to acquire one of Tony's most sought after top of the line builds and a 'holy grail' of British guitar making. This is one of the last guitars he made before his retirement in 2000 and his passing in August 2002.

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