This very rare, all original Trainwreck Express amp named "Katie" was hand built by legendary amp guru Kenneth Fischer in 1992. She is an absolutely amazing sounding Express amplifier with more gain and sustain on tap than many other Express amps. "Katie" is an aggressive amp with loads of magical gain and she wants to take off singing with every note played. She has truly magnificent tone with massive harmonics and the sustain is just incredible. Ken voiced Katie perfectly for rock with bold tight bass, huge midrange complexity, and soaring beautiful top end. Katie responds to every nuance of your playing and it's almost like your brain is wired directly into the amp. Superb cleans, warm full crunch or infinite lead sustain is easily dialed in with just the guitar volume control and your pick attack. The dynamic touch sensitivity and responsiveness is amazing. Rock Guitar amps just don't get any better than "Katie".

I have personally tubed, biased, and voiced Katie using the very best rare New Old Stock tubes from my personal collection including NOS Mullard, Amperex Bugle Boy and Telefunken preamp tubes and NOS Siemens EL34 power tubes. The cost of these tubes alone is around $850 but to use anything less is crazy.

Trainwrecks are very responsive amps with rich harmonic complexity and beautifully balance tone. The amp’s gorgeous clean and benchmark overdrive tones can be controlled with the guitar’s volume control or by merely altering your touch. Trainwrecks set the standard for warmth, fullness, responsiveness, note articulation, touch sensitivity, string to string separation, fret board feel, clarity, dynamics and singing sustain. Many people feel a Trainwreck Express is the most harmonically complex EL34 amp ever built and finding one has become almost impossible.

Year Condition Color Case
1992 Excellent Cherry Hard Wood None


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