As it is with our own children, so it is with guitars: siblings stick together. When Jeff Traugott was approached with the concept of building two sister R Model guitars--one 6-string, the other 12--he saw an opportunity to create two guitars which would grow and sing in tandem and bring out the best in each other. These two guitars are built from matching sets of Brazilian Rosewood for the backs and sides which came from the same board that was saved from its droll life as a bookshelf and transformed into two astonishingly rich guitars. Similarly, the German Spruce tops are a matched pair, as are the Fossilized Ivory nuts and saddles.

The 6-string twin may have half as many strings, but it has half again as much bass and snap as its 12-string sister. Jeff's taste for fine-grained Brazilian Rosewood, with its enveloping sonority, and his ability to voice the German Spruce top to accentuate the upper registers, combine in the form of a guitar with flawless separation of notes and a dynamic voice. Naturally a fingerstylist's dream, this Traugott R exudes both sizzling responsiveness and sweet, subtle overtones.

Like all great siblings, these guitars complement each other, from their matching woods to their correspondingly expansive and articulate voices, and are being sold as a pair for $44,995.

Year Condition Color
2004 Near Mint Rosewood - Brazilian


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