Early production with the scarce script badge, clean and largely original save for tubes and replaced mains cable. Essentially a hybrid copy of the tweed Fender Bassman and Marshall JTM45, these early YBA-1s have enormous transformers and plenty of grunt from the output stage, in this case a pair of outstanding and long-unavailable “Winged C” EL34s. Great-sounding all-tube 12AX7 preamp, and this early in production, tube rectification in the form of an old Westinghouse 5U4GB. So, 2 channels and 4 inputs (yes, they can be jumped like a Bassman or a JTM45), separate volume controls for each channel, bass and treble controls, and then an interesting stretch on the control panel labeled “range expander” which has knobs for low and high, essentially function like a midrange and presence control respectively. Tone is unsurprisingly in the Bassman/JTM45 ballpark, works well as a bass amp and then is quite ripping as a guitar amp. Handwired in Toronto, Ontorio, Canada, comes with original vinyl slipcover.

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