Here is a vintage 1970s Traynor YBA-1 head which has been installed into an aftermarket cabinet. The head has also had the Master Volume mod to make it more Marshall-like. These Traynor amps are very good sounding amps in their own right with lots of head room. The addition of the Master Volume mod will allow you to drive the amp harder and get the break up you want.

The cabinet is well constructed and is loaded with a 12 inch Weber Silver Bell speaker. Nice choice. Though the cabinet is of modest size, it has wheels installed which make it super easy to move around. If you’re a fan of vintage Traynors, here’s your chance to grab an interesting one.

Year: 1970s

Make: Traynor

Model: YBA-1 amp and Aftermarket Combo Cabinet

Color: Cream tolex

Condition: Good with some tolex peeling

Modifications: 1970s Traynor YBA-1 Head with a Master Volume mod was installed in an aftermarket Combo Cabinet

Comments: Cool vintage Traynor head converted to a combo.

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