Trick Bigfoot Double Bass Drum Pedal Pro1V


Double Bass Drum Pedal with Split-cam Design, 13" Footboard, Internal Compression-spring Mechanism, and On-the-fly Tension Adjustment Knob


What we think:

With their Pro 1-V Bigfoot, Trick Drums has reinvented the bass drum pedal. Boasting precision-machined parts and aerospace-grade bearings, the Bigfoot gives you cutting-edge features. It sports an internal compression-spring mechanism that's smoother, faster, and quieter than expansion-spring pedals; a split-cam that allows independent adjustment of beater and pedal angles; a tension adjustment knob that lets you adjust pedal tension while you're playing; and much more. If you demand buttery-smooth action, infinite adjustability, and dead-silent operation from your kick pedal, you need Trick Drums' Pro 1-V Bigfoot.


Manufacturer Description:

The Pro 1-V BIGFOOT was the second pedal produced by Trick Drums and is almost identical to the Pro 1-V short board with the exception of the 13 inch foot board.  The longer foot board and lack of a heel block suits any play style and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing trends in kick pedals.


The long board changes the pivot point of the kick pedal and gives the player more foot room.  It is rumored that this type of design caters better to certain play styles such as heel-toe.  Trick feels that this pedal can do any style you can!


• All machined parts – NO DIECAST – providing superior quality and toughness

• Precision aerospace grade bearings

• Hand assembled and inspected


The Pro 1-V Bigfoot also has a host of features designed with the drummer in mind and most of which are protected by US patents.


• Split-Cam design to allow adjustment of beater and pedal angles independently

• Slide-Trac hoop clamp adjustment providing variable distance for the pedal from the kick drum

• Highly accessible and extremely easy to use tension adjustment knob

• Multiple height adjustment cluster to adjust the stroke speed of the pedal

• Internal compression spring technology


What makes the Trick pedals the most unique is that a double pedal can be split to become two single pedals.


*NOTE it is important to understand that two single pedals can become one double pedal but factory modification must be made to do so.


The last, but certainly not least, notable feature of the Trick pedals is the ZERO latency ZERO backlash driveshaft.  This driveshaft, for the double pedals, operates on 8 bearings and is the cleanest and fastest in the world.  This is takes the pedal to a whole new level.



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