Tube Tech SSA2B Summing Amplifier


Tube Tech SSA2B Summing Amplifier perfect for down-mixing digital recordings on DAW's

Manufacturer Description:

The SSA 2B is the sound solution to the bottleneck problems arising when down-mixing digital recordings on DAW's. The 10->2 channel down-mixing unit directly targets the critical mastering process: Sonically it easily outperforms the quality of digital audio workstations and even betters the performance of mixing amplifiers built into the most high-end analogue consoles.

The TUBE-TECH SSA 2B Stereo Summing Amplifier features two very low noise / low distortion summing amplifiers with a very wide frequency response.
The inputs are transformer balanced and the circuits are symmetrical from input to output. The inputs are capable of handling extremely high input levels.
The Outputs are balanced and have fully floating transformers with a static screen. The power supply and the sidechain circuits are based on a solid-state circuit.
With the exception of the output stage all DC voltages are stabilised.

Product Features

  • 10 stereo input - 1 stereo output , or 4 mono, 8 stereo input - 1 stereo output 
  • 23-step gold plated output gain control
  • Master Output Gain: -10 dB to +10 dB
  • Fully symmetrical circuitry from input to output
  • Zero field transformer balanced inputs.
  • Maximum input > +30 dBu
  • Low noise: < -85 dBu @ all inputs terminated
  • Two large VU meters showing output level
  • Frequency response 5 Hz - 100 kHz
  • Distortion < 0.05 %

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