Open back five-string banjo in the Buckbee style. The neck is nicely carved into a soft 'V' and is made from walnut with a thin veneer fingerboard. The rim is spun over with 38 brackets. The four head stock friction tuners appear original, and the fifth string friction tuner is a replacement. The rim measures about 10 3/4" and the scale length is ~ 25 1/2". The fingerboard measures ~1 1/4" at the nut. The head was replaced with a new skin head, and the tuners were disassembled, cleaned and lubed for smooth functioning. Much of the plating on the rim is gone from wear and oxidation. The end of the 'stick' where it fastens to the rim was cracked and reglued. Action is ~ 4/32", and the banjo is strung with red Nylgut strings producing a dark and mellow tone.

Unknown Buckbee style
Very Good
, PA
2:01 AM

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